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ETS 180 is a state-of-the-art, high-gloss water-based urethane floor coating. This clear, thin, flexible coating is designed for application on many hard surface flooring. ETS 180 has ZERO VOC content (does not yellow) & is PROVEN to inhibit bacteria and mold growth to improve indoor air quality. It forms a membrane-type seal that locks out contaminants from the hard surface flooring. ETS 180 provides superior durability and scratch resistance to maintain a high-gloss appearance to the floor surface for many months/years with no buffing, burnishing, or stripping required. One coat of ETS 180 is equal to 6-10 coats of acrylic floor finish. 

ETS 180 Floor Finish provides many Benefits

Reduced Total Cost - Less maintenance/equipment means less labor and expense over time.

Low Maintenance - No buffing, burnishing or stripping required to maintain.

Easier to Clean - Repels marks & stains, microfiber mop & HOT water!! NO SOAP!!

Sustainable - Zero VOCs, hot water cleanable  = no chemicals, less water, less energy and less STAFF TIME!

Long Life Cycle - Consistent shine for years without buffing or adding more finishing coats.

Improved Safety - High slip resistance (SCOF of 0.80 or greater), exceeds ADA and OSHA standards.

Microbial and Infection Control - Prevents the growth of bacteria and mold.

Environmentally Preferred - Antimicrobial properties for reduced cross contamination, Zero VOCs, and no buffing/burnishing/stripping means less dust released for improved indoor air quaility and air handling systems.


ETS 180 is currently being used in facilities such as:

  • Health Care Facilities
  • Universities and Schools
  • Gyms and Sports Facilities
  • Office Buildings 
  • Churches
  • Pet Clinics
  • Retail Shops
  • Public Restrooms
  • and many more...